Community Service

What’s going on in ASG?  Would you believe the First Day of School Project will soon begin its 5th year? It has been heartening to see how this project has grown and and how much support we have received from the community.  Several of our local independent fabric stores have gone out of their way to make sure their customers are aware of it.  Some groups to which our members belong have bought underwear and socks, in addition to contributing hotel toiletries.  The toiletries have really delighted Title 1.

Some members have suggested we include a description of what constitutes an outfit and what extras might be included.  What a good idea.  I am working on a set of guidelines and after I get more ideas from the board, I will finish it.  It’ll be posted here on the website and will be included in the official email announcement of the beginning of the project.

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to photograph any 1st graders faces when they choose their garments, but having seen them, you can’t imagine how excited they were. A continuing question is, “Is this really mine?”  When they leave, they clutch their garments tightly in their arms. I find the event very moving.

If you have any suggestions for improving this project, please email me at

Submitted by Jane Casey

Community Service Chair


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